Supporting Schools Translate Research Into Practice (SSTRIP) gives educators and practitioners access to the tools they need to help students succeed, while removing the burden of time by providing:

  • Customized research briefs addressing the questions that you have
  • Full citations and abstracts of reviewed content and free PDFs of available sources (when available) in one easy to access file
  • Optional in-person or virtual meetings to discuss and explain the content
  • Optional on-site support for decision making and implementation
  • Online access to briefs answering the questions others have asked

How does it work?

When school administrators have a question, or wonder what research has been done on a given topic, they can send the request for information via email. Our research team will conduct a literature review and compile the information into a digestible research brief.

Why is it free?

Supporting schools with the implementation of evidence-based practices aligns with our research team’s mission. We aim to bridge the research-practice gap by helping schools access high-quality research to improve student outcomes. SSTRIP also provides our doctoral students with the opportunity to gain experience and understand the conversations taking place in practice.

How long does it take?

Three weeks after receiving a request, we will deliver a customized research brief to help you address your most pressing concerns in real time.

Examples of Research Briefs